About Me

Hey! Welcome to Ginger Toad Handmade.

Nice to meet you I'm Bri. A fiery redhead and a mom to two little kids, living in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada with a passion for sewing and all things handmade.

Sewing has always been a big part of my life, and it seemed almost natural that I would end up down this awesome path. Growing up my mother was a seamstress and introduced me at a very young age to the wonders of sewing and design. It wasn't until after graduating Carleton University with a degree in Art History that I began an obsession with quilting in 2015.

After having my second baby I found an urge to find organic clothing options that would withstand the adventures of adventurous kiddos. It reignited my love of sewing and design, and fulfilled my strong need to create. and thus the creation of Ginger Toad Handmade.